Dive Like A Pro: Communicating under water

There are any number of ways of talking to your buddy on a dive – our panel of industry experts offer their hints and advice. Photography by JASON BROWN

We all learnt basic hand signals when we qualified to dive, regardless of training agency, but there are many other ways of communicating with your buddy or dive-team – slates, wetnotes, dive lights and so on. It’s worth mastering various methods so that you’re prepared for any situation.

Martin Robson, PADI TecRec Instructor Trainer: “There seem to be a lot of black dry/wet suits and black gloves in the diving world. Your black-gloved hand against a background of your black suit doesn’t make for easy-to-read hand signals. Hold your hand away from your body when signalling, illuminate with a torch if necessary, and your buddies will see your signals more clearly.”