The Huge Fruit Bats Of Raja Ampat

The Island of Waigeo in Raja Ampat is home to Huge Fruit Bats

Nothing about the tropical treeline or white beach suggests that this island in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia is home to anything different from the other breath-taking islands in the area; Mioskon island is a popular island for tourists and locals in the region. This tropical island is surrounded by incredible reefs known for their amazing dive and snorkeling points. At the same time, the white beach is a popular spot for divers to spend time between dives or day trips to lounge on the white beach and cool off in the crystal-clear waters.

While spending time on this island, you soon start to notice the jungle sounds in the background, and as you venture off from the beach into a small clearing, you begin to identify the different sounds. Birds chirping away in the branches, insects buzzing in the distance, and then you hear a soft whistle and screeches answered by another. These whistles change the tone, and soon you start to realise that you are eavesdropping on a conversation. As you take a closer look at the treetops, you notice the black hanging shapes swaying with the light breeze.

The Huge Fruit Bats of Raja Ampat

As the sun starts to set, the screeching and whistles become louder and more frequent, and the dark shapes begin to move. It is not long before you notice one or two spreading their wings before taking flight to start circling the treetops as if inviting the rest of the shapes to join. Before long, a swarm of dark shapes take flight from the treetops, their whistles filling the air while their silhouettes pass above in the picturesque sunset for which the area is known. You have just witnessed the start of the nightly migration of the Papuan Fruit Bat, also known as the Flying Fox.