Pier Reviewed: Underwater Photographs Piers And Jetties

Paul ‘Duxy’ Duxfield focuses on shooting underwater photographs under and around piers and jetties. Photographs by Paul Duxfield

Thinking of a quirky title was easy for this article, I like a play on words, it’s one of the things I love about our language so much. I also had ‘Pier pressure’ in the firing line too… Anyway, it’s taking pictures we’re interested in and not my lexicographical quirks. And so I think you can probably guess this month’s piece is about shooting under and around piers and jetties.

Safety First

Okay, it’s prudent to mention the safety aspects of shooting in the environs of a pier or jetty at the top of the article, for the fairly obvious reasons that there may well be boat traffic, and comings and goings, in the vicinity of the aforementioned manmade structure – after all, that is its main purpose. Please check first that it’s okay to dive, and also be conscious of the fact that you really need to be suitably competent to have a handle on your buoyancy, so that you’re not randomly going to be popping up to the surface willy-nilly.