Stuart Seldon’s 2023 “Reef and Wrecks” Calendar is Ready For Ordering

Stuart Seldon is in his 11th or 12th year of producing his “Reefs and Wrecks” calendar, which features photos from his dive adventures. He’s not sure what year it is.

Stuart Seldon Calendar 2023

Ok, kids…we’re almost ready to go to press, so please and thank you for getting your orders in as soon as possible! To offset increases in print and mail costs, I had to raise the price by a buck or two. This is a break-even proposition, so everyone contributes! This should arrive by the end of the month.

The prices listed are in both Canadian and US dollars. (Mailing to the US is much more expensive, so the exchange rate makes up the difference.) PayPal payments to my same email address are accepted for US orders. Orders from Canada should be sent via e-transfer to avoid PayPal fees!

Also, please consider making a bulk purchase…These make wonderful gifts! The price can fall significantly below ten, and if you prefer, I can mail them for you!

Stuart Seldon


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