Send Trudeau a Letter on the Nature Bus

NatureCOP is coming up fast. This is the biggest moment for nature in a decade and it’s happening right here in Canada.

From December 7-19, officials from 195 countries will gather to discuss global progress on nature protection. The world is facing the biggest extinction since the dinosaurs and we need a global framework bold and strong enough to tackle the crisis.

World leaders need to know that Canadians expect real progress from NatureCOP.

That’s why Nature Canada is sending the NatureBus Tour across the country to collect your messages of support for a plan to restore nature. On December 6, they’ll deliver the messages to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at NatureCOP.

Canada’s government has promised to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030, but has no plan for doing so. In order to meet that goal we’ll need an action plan that:

  • Protects 30 percent of land, ocean, and freshwater by 2030
  • Supports the conservation leadership of Indigenous Peoples around the world and here at home
  • Invests in nature-based solutions to climate change
  • Restores degraded ecosystems and ensures the recovery of threatened wildlife
  • Promotes urban biodiversity and equitable access for all people

NatureCOP is a chance for our leaders to deliver on their promise at the national and global level. Tell PM Trudeau that you expect real action out of NatureCOP by coming out to see the NatureBus and adding your message to thousands of other Canadians.

Your messages will be featured in our NatureCOP installation: “Letters of Hope – Canadians’ support and wishes for a nature-positive world” to showcase Canadians’ support and urge Canadian leadership to ensure successful NatureCOP outcomes.

Together, we can start to halt and reverse nature loss at NatureCOP.

Thank you,

Emily McMillan
Deputy Executive Director, Nature Canada

P.S. Can’t make it to the NatureBus? You can still show your support by donating to protect Canada’s species and wilderness for generations to come.

Nature Bus Tour Schedule


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