Seeking Support for “The Tugs” Rebuild Project

Divers Den has started discussion with the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula and Parks Canada on an exciting project to rebuild and expand The Tugs platform in Tobermory.

Everyone that has dove in Tobermory knows how critical the platform is for access to the shipwrecks at The Tugs. In addition, it is a desirable training location for visiting dive shops conducting training, certified divers, snorkelers and the general public as a viewing platform. 

A complete rebuild of the platform will allow for deck expansion,  the addition of diver friendly features, and a safer more communal space. Cleaning up the existing area can increase usable space/seating/storage for gear. Landscaping the underutilized areas will also help to minimize garbage buildup in the thick foliage areas.

As part of the initiation of this project, MNBP and Parks Canada have requested we reach out for the support of our dive community. They are excited about the prospect of this project and want to know that our dive community is too!

This project is still in baby stages and will take time to develop. If you’re a seasoned Tobermory Diver or one of our valued Dive Shops that use The Tugs on a regular basis, I invite you to sign this petition of support.

Additional letters of support are welcome if you have a story to share! We are looking for community input on platform design and features as we develop our design proposal. Please contact [email protected] directly for these additional inputs.

Please sign and share this petition to show your support!


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