Save Ontario Shipwrecks Presents: A Special Presentation with Corey Phillips

Join us at Mariners Park Museum on August 12th at 1:00pm for a special presentation by diver Corey Phillips. Corey will speak about the shipwrecks which are moored in the Prince Edward County area, the mooring process, and a little history about each the wrecks.

About Corey Phillips

My wife comes up with the most amazing gifts. In 2002, she “gifted” me with getting open water certified. Diving on evening charters, I expanded my knowledge and skills with the GUE Fundamentals and eventually Tech 1 courses. Once I had in-water skills, I wanted to go places that hadn’t been explored in some time, usually long forgotten shipwrecks using a “shotline” as my only guide to the bottom. Ever since I have been hooked on diving. I have not had much opportunity to dive outside of Ontario but have visited Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Vancouver, Florida, and Tortola, completing dives in each location.

Highlights of my diving background:

900+ dives.
Technical diver certified to 170’ using normoxic trimix, deco gases 50%, and 100% oxygen.
DPV (Underwater scooter)
No touch diving techniques used.

Videographer and Photographer.
Past Vice-President of Preserve Our Wrecks (Kingston).
Involved in getting a mooring block installed on the shipwreck, the Eureka.

Current Mooring Director of Save Ontario Shipwrecks – Picton Chapter.
Working away at getting all moorings up to SOS Corporate standard.
Member of the Florence project, which installed a block and line.

Current diver on the P-51 Mustang project
Officer Barry Newman recovery team

Shot video in Little Marble Lake and passed it on so the Cloyne and District Historical Society
Co-founder of Ontario Diving on Facebook (over 3700 members).

Co-founder of, which documents shipwrecks and is quickly becoming the go-to location to track wrecks in Ontario waters.

I enjoy passing images and videos from my passion for those who don’t dive to see.

Corey Phillips

Follow Cory’s Dive Adventures on Facebook and YouTube


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